Title: Elliott from Earth 2021
Genres: animation / comedy / sci-Fi&fantasy
Quality: HD
Stars: Samuel Faraci, Noah Kaye Bentley, Naomi McDonald, Saul Bearryman, Ashton Frank, Jessica McDonald, Rob Rackstraw, David Baddiel, Gyles Brandreth, Maria Teresa Creasey, Mandeep Dhillon, Stefan Ashton Frank, Teresa Gallagher, Mic Graves, Stephen Greif, Rich Hall, Hugo Harold-Harrison, Steven Hartley, Tony Hull, Eve Karpf, Lorelei King, Jessie Lawrence, Phyllis Logan, Diane Morgan, Naoko Mori, Richard Overall, Dan Russell, Kerry Shale, Craig Stein, David Warner
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A boy and his mum find themselves suddenly transported somewhere across the universe surrounded by an amazing array of aliens from new and unknown corners of the galaxy. While trying to work out who brought them there and why, they make a new home for themselves and encounter new friends, including Mo, the only other being from Earth – a dinosaur.